The Rules

Rule no.1: Everyone is in technology business   

Rule no. 2: Understand the web, at least the basics. Short version; Long version

Rule no. 3: Customers call the shots, companies don't

Rule no. 4: You don't know what social media is just by being on twitter & facebook. You think u understand it till u actually do!

Rule no. 5: You don't have to (read. can't) be on every service, application and platform under the sun. Being active on only the standard mediums will get the job done.

Rule no. 6: Internet is a great PR tool. Be honest & stick to your code. If you fuck up, but explain yourself honestly, you would not only be forgiven but will get free brownies too.

Rule no. 7: Privacy is overrated, Get Over it.

Rule no. 8: Internet gives superficial knowledge. So search diligently. Don't forget what Dr. Alban said "Little knowledge is dangerous". Books rock & please consult the doctor; Google & Bing are not in health business.

Rule no. 9: Analytics is GOD. Measure, think & then Act.

Rule no. 10: Read the Help section. It'll keep you grounded J


Well said but there used to be and still exists a life outside Internet and Social networks.
Prologue said…
A very informative list of rules. But no man can be wise without crossing the land of fools.

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