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A Birthday

The elevator stops at the second level of basement. Her black Tahari suit was just an extension of her tall & slender frame. Her Velias tapped a curious harmony on the marbled floor and her Mulberry swayed to the rhythm of her swinging hips as she walked confidently towards the darkest corner of the car park.  “You are late Riya” “I’m so sorry Roy, it took me a while to deflect Parul. We swiped in together; she was curious why I was going to the second level leaving my car at -1.” “Ohh don’t get paranoid, not tonight.” Her deep black eyes tempted the ensnared boy inside this 40-year-old man who only wished for her enchanting company. She kissed him. “Happy Birthday Roy” “Thanks love - for that, I can wait forever.” The black A8 swooshes away from the dimly lit car park into the illuminated cosmopolis. The night was still full of strange possibilities. “Even after all the time we’ve spent together, I still can’t believe your choice of music. Sade? S