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The Final Man

Vast barren peaks brought magnificence to the arid landscape. A stream still flowed somewhere close, but nature's patience had carved out a different path for it; a path no longer visible, even from this height. The Parrot flew over this landscape, assimilating its grandeur. It was spring but winter's remnants could still be seen on the peaks. The Parrot had never flown at this height, he had never seen nature stretching its arms so freely.  As the Parrot flew over the snow capped mountains he noticed a strange set of peaks; lower than the rest, not even a hint of vegetation on them. As he flew closer to the peaks he noticed a crevice. On closer inspection the crevice turned out to be an opening to a cave. The Parrot hadn't seen a cave earlier, elders told stories about them, he knew he should stay away from them. But then he hadn't flown at this height either. The wind made it tough to stay in balance, but the view from this height more than compensated for the eff