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Rosser Reeves & the Principle of Contrast in Marketing

This post was first published on LinkedIn Pulse : Do you know who is Rosser Reeves? Rosser Reeves was an advertising executive from the fifties who has 3 important contributions to the world of Marketing: He coined the term “Unique Selling Proposition”, the idea that any product or service in the marketplace has to specify what differentiates it from its competitors. He was the first to create ads for presidential campaigns. Including a 1952 ad for Dwight D. Eisenhower. The ad was called “ I like Ike”. You can check it out  here He is the protagonist of the one of most famous stories in advertising, one that exemplifies enduring power of clarity. And also highlights the principle of contrast. This is how the story goes: One afternoon, Reeves & a colleague were having lunch in central park. On the way back to their Madison Avenue office, they encountered a man sitting in the park