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An excerpt from a brilliant letter

Anton chekhov is considered one of the greatest novelists of all times.  Here's an excerpt from a letter to his 28 year old brother - who had turned alcoholic. Anton was 26 , 2 years younger than his brother.  You can read the full letter here( ), I found this excerpt fascinating. It made me realize how shallow is our perspective of our lives - this is the reason for our distraction & boredom. I think distraction & boredom are the greatest curse in a person's life and boredom especially should be controlled at war footing.   So without boring you further -- To my mind, civilized people ought to satisfy the following conditions: 1. They respect the individual and are therefore always indulgent, gentle, polite and compliant. They do not throw a tantrum over a hammer or a lost eraser. When they move in with somebody, they do not act as if they were doing him a favor, and when they move out,

21st Century Fools

those who are never on time but always in a hurry to close the elevator, even when they see someone sprinting towards them. These elevator nazis could’ve started early but they didn’t and now this 5 minute delay is sure to have an everlasting impact on their productivity and who knows even on their career those who judge a movie’s worth by it’s box office collection in the first week - hey you know what Krrish 3 made 77 crores in first 3 days isn’t that awesome! I’m surely going this weekend. those who think “Times of India” is a newspaper - wake up guys it’s a classified. BTW Times of India Student edition is a newspaper. Sadly students are the only ones reading it. those who like their own status on facebook - WTF! Isnt that why you posted it! those who abbreviate & hash their slangs - I don't see how “fuck you” is in any way less offensive (or less cute) than "f@#$ you" those who overtake from left even when the driver’s side is traffic fre