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Privacy – Why The Fuss?

I don’t understand what’s this fuss about privacy and government surveillance. After all, we are willingly compromising our privacy when we use services like Google now, Siri and Social networking. The only difference between tech companies and the government is that the companies are invading your privacy to show you targeted ads and the government to save your ass! And neither of them has a choice – why should companies spend billions in providing free services if they aren’t getting anything in return? The government has no choice because the enemy is hiding  among  us. It’s running with us in the marathons, dining with us at the hotels, praying and shopping with us.   Privacy is overrated. If you can save me from the pain of watching cola ads and instead show me ads for something I want to buy - I am happy. I don’t see how to get this information other than tracking our online  behavior . If you can save even one life by preventing the next terror attack eaves