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I am " Already Subscribed "

Most websites today have a subscribe button similar to this The intention here is simple. Get the latest delivered to your inbox so you don't have to manually go to the website and dig for new stuff. Also as you are already in our subscriber base we will be able to inform you of any new product ideas or features that you are likely to be interested in. But there is a problem with this approach. Why would I want to resubscribe to the website? For e.g. I am already subscribed to Google Insights, I should not be shown the message above. But how would the website know this? How could it verify the identity of a visitor without violating their privacy? I think there is a simple solution. Add a 3rd button " Already Subscribed" to this. Once clicked it leads to a popup box that has following content: For us to verify your identity we need to confirm the email address you are subscribed on. Here's the list of  emails that we have associated with this b