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The Parody of a Loser

Darkness engulfs eternity The sun of hope rises everyday The dusk brings us closer to reality; On this treadmill of life we walk everyday; In the shadow of a tree called expectation, Too scared to face the Sun. The thirsty traveller bears each footstep in an unending desert. Who am I? The fruit called responsibility, whose seeds of freedom are discarded, suppressed; No further growth is possible, The gardener is now gone. We fight with nature everyday, w e pray for dawn; The dreams we had, are now long gone. The efforts are all in vain, Nothing remains but the pain. Burdened with sorrow, we pray for a better tomorrow, Our dreams scattered on the canvas of life. We do nothing but survive, The irony of survival is survival. Will we be like the leaves which perish every fall, Or the branches of wisdom that flower every spring. Who decides the path? Who creates the creator? Who destroys the destroyer? Who banishes the darkness? The

The Fresher's Paradox

“You have a message”. The message pops up and you manoeuvre through the screen to reach your inbox. The mail you see is from a job portal telling you that a “big fat job fair” is organised at the “farthest place” in city. It tells you to register because in the crowd of innumerable freshers you might get lost or will have to wait in the steaming sun to get entry. You get uneasy just at the thought of it and register to get a BIG alphanumeric code. The next morning which is usually a Saturday or Sunday you wake up early and take a bus ride down the venue and end up inadvertently in the unending queue that seemed like a nightmare yesterday. But you don’t have much choice; because you are a fresher and you’ve gotta get a job ASAP. The scene inside (if you manage to get past the watchdogs, without perspiring to death) is almost the same every time and the worst part is, you know the outcome. The job fair has been advertised as the best and last resort for freshers and in the hope that

What If ?

What IF??? What if, the universe is much older than we thought? What If, Big Bang is not a single event which marks the beginning of space-time but a cyclic episode that repeats itself every 14-15 billion years or so? The actual age of universe might be trillion years or so, who knows, even more; What if, the value of constants changes over time, maybe the value of the cosmological constant decreases over time? The variation might be so insignificant that no one notices it; What if, Instead of having many universes we only have one .Which might not be exactly true because there have been many before the current one and there are going to be many after this one; What if, there is not a single beginning of time but many beginnings, not a single moment of creation but an unending ever-present cycle. We are but a consequence of fine tuning that accidentally happened in the present version. But who knows? Maybe many lives and civilizations have already vanished with the end of th