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A Leap of Faith

I have been reading Rick Smith's LEAP lately. Not only has it helped me understand my true passions and strengths in a new light, but also helped me leverage them in my current position. According to me, the goal of life is happiness. Since our work fills most part of our lives, it is very important to be intrinsically satisfied with it. I have experienced this first hand in my previous jobs. It's hard to invent a purpose in work that is not emotionally rewarding. Which implies that it's hard to be successful doing something 9 hours a day and like it when you clearly know that you don't. (Read this & this to know more) We cannot expect to make the right choices at every point of our lives. We cannot control which school we go to as a child, we cannot control the learning environment throughout our teenage; & here in India it's even harder to decide your professional education (Bachelors) as you're decision is largely controlled by family ex