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What's Coding , DOC???

How difficult is coding? How difficult is it to write software ? The reason why i ask this is because i have made at least half a dozen unsuccessful attempts at making my thought process binary , alas!!!! none of them worked. Now, do i lack the will to learn and motivation to get past the unavoidable English sounding words enunciating logic ; or is it the logic i lack. Since i score well in other logic related activities I've began doubting my judgment. Those were the job hunting days when every advice no matter how irrelevant it is, was considered a blessing and followed earnestly.I went for a interview in an IT firm, disregarding the fact that i am an electrical engineer and what logic am i following by going for a software job with no formal or informal coding background , i knew the HR head though , thought i'd slide along comfortably once i am done with the first few rounds. Alas all i got from the interview was an advice that, Boy ,you are computer illiterate and


An old woman sits by a flower shop on the other side of the street. Her wrinkled skin , anguished eyes , sunburnt hands are a stark contrast to the beautiful flowers she is selling. A maiden walks to her. Her fair spotless hands, feel the wreaths like a mother caressing her new-born. A virgin touch, seraphic smile, aura of tranquillity. Garlands with over-stuffed flowers; bloating buses , agonizing noise. The flower shop seems heaven in disguise. So many faces, so many colours; so many windows, so many shutters. A malnourished child suddenly appears at the window. Her rags trying their best to cover the bruises from her master. She asks for money, my heart sinks into an abyss. She taps the window, the driver makes a gesture. Her eyes reflect a forgotten reality. It’s only a window which draws a very important line. The first thought that comes in mind, gets buried because it’s hard to accept. No one chooses grief & misery. Is it an edict of stars that I am on the other