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Types of Talkers

Read a  brilliant post  -  The Art of Conversation on Brain Pickings – very relevant in our hypersocial  world. Sadly I realized that depending on my company, I fall into a combination of several of these categories. Gladly the full post  gives simple tips to avoid the "talking" trap.  8 Kinds of Talkers The loud talker , who “silences a whole party by his sole power of lungs”: All subjects are alike to him; he speaks on every topic with equal fluency, is never at a loss, quotes high authority for every assertion, and allows no one else to utter a word; he silences, without the least ceremony, every attempt at interruption, however cleverly managed. … Great, and especially loud and positive talkers, have been denounced by all writers on manners as shallow and superficial persons. 2.              The excessive life-sharer , whom you no doubt know well from your Facebook timeline: [This is] the man who gives an account of his dogs, horses, lands