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With all due respect, Mr. Edison

"Genius is 1% inspiration + 99% perspiration"     - Edison I might have heard this saying first at least 10 years back. It has been on my mind ever since and I have been trying to find examples that prove this. At first glance we see hundreds of examples which show us how a person got inspired from an event or something in nature for e.g. Newton being inspired by an apple falling on his head, then how by putting in enormous effort he comes up with "a work of genius", in this case, theory of gravity. There are similar examples in business and success stories everywhere you look. Most book stores and libraries are loaded with books dealing with this topic. But, I have never agreed either with Edison's quote or the numerous examples that (supposedly) prove it. Until now I wasn't even able to summon the courage to speak this up. Whenever I tried, I was told who are you to criticize Edison? As if Edison is supposed to be a revered religious figure as opposed to