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Introducing “A New Dimension”

From past several months I've been thinking about starting a section on "Mindless" where I put my thoughts on what I am learning. I have always been interested in Science (energy, sustainability, physics) and the impact it has on an IT driven world. Until 2008 the hobby was struggling to breathe.  Only by the end of 2009 I realized the distinction between schooling & education. "A New Dimension" is an attempt to collate the education .    

Cultivating Serendipity

Source: Make Serendipity Work for You- HBR Serendipity is a close relative of creativity, which means that it is a capability that can be cultivated, bought and sold. Serendipity benefits not just from  scarcity  (forcing people to be creative) but from a degree of sloppiness, tenacity, and dissent. Attempts to dictate serendipity are stifling and impractical. History matters. Innovation is as much about looking at the past as it is about anticipating the future. It can mean pairing today's observation with those made previously, and often in quite different contexts, as did  Pfizer scientists in linking side-effects from clinical trials to a PhD dissertation completed at the University of California, as well as two medical articles published several years before . Socializing matters. It is very unlikely that James Watson and Francis Crick would have been as efficient in elucidating the structure of DNA without the benefit of those they shared their offices and interest wi