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Wow it was such a deep sleep, I forgot about the needy and the weak. Now I know that situations make people change, root is a flower that disdains fame; We are living in soap bubbles, decorating our houses. Now I know that thieves steal to pay for something else, The story starts with but ain't just about kicks, you can't keep crying for that which no longer exists , while the present is surrounded in a mist; Sometimes the best ain't good enough. Now I know that I am gargling religion and drowning in hypocrisy, Am taught that striking at right moment is maturity, Am stuck in a traffic of responsibility, here love ain't meeting of souls but a control game; Am I becoming shock proof? Now I know that diamonds are forever but beauty ain't; Lies are screaming but the truth is so faint, that violence is becoming a blame game; Will the real mahatma please stand up? Now I know that house and home are not the same, the world has tu