Wow it was such a deep sleep, I forgot about the needy and the weak. Now I know that situations make people change, root is a flower that disdains fame; We are living in soap bubbles, decorating our houses.

Now I know that thieves steal to pay for something else, The story starts with but ain't just about kicks, you can't keep crying for that which no longer exists , while the present is surrounded in a mist; Sometimes the best ain't good enough.

Now I know that I am gargling religion and drowning in hypocrisy, Am taught that striking at right moment is maturity, Am stuck in a traffic of responsibility, here love ain't meeting of souls but a control game; Am I becoming shock proof?

Now I know that diamonds are forever but beauty ain't; Lies are screaming but the truth is so faint, that violence is becoming a blame game; Will the real mahatma please stand up?

Now I know that house and home are not the same, the world has turned flat again; You can't ever go back home again, 'coz home is just a memory.

Now I know that I know it all, it's too late to realize, pride comes before fall, Am moving on the edge of the inner wheel aiming for the centre, It has been so many lives. Would I still be clothed if were invisible?

Now I know that honesty is hidden behind curtains of doctrine, innocence is the perfect cover for all sins; I want everything, but need nothing; We are run by fat politicians, their laziness our only disease. Why does politics exist?

Now I know that fear is stronger than the maker, that life is an elevator, A show run by an absent creator in a fuming theater; Manmade God is a mass-murderer Is fate a matter of faith?

Now I know that I am on a collapsing bridge, my friends on either side screaming to assist, Am I awake or still dreaming, do I know life or am still searching for its meaning?

Why don't I cry for help, why am I so numb, Is it done am I the one, or there is no one calling from either side, what is this voice? Oh no it's the noise, the bridge is falling. Here lies the society; Here lies the grave of religion, the tomb of reason, is this sepulture our world?

In peace; born still

** Inspired by Howl and It's Alright Ma (I'm only Bleeding)


Unknown said…
hey buddy
long time ... and i was waiting for your blog ..

a very interesting piece of writing... neat and composed..
much better in thought process and more clearer...
you sure are getting much better than the older blogs... good work

About the article ..
sure piece of interesting thoughts... and thoughts about pride going before a fall... and us being too selfish to really care for the others etc... which is more factual than fiction... that was nice..

good article...
Prologue said…
Only thing that we are suppose to do in this life is to DIE. Cause everything else are choices with consequences - even breathing.

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