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The Dream of a Modern Man

I woke up from what felt like a deep sleep, I could move my hands, I could move my feet, I was hungry, I was thirsty but I was not in control, I cried, I tried, I drank, I ate, but mostly I slept, and one day I stood up; I laughed at my first fall just a few steps away from the start, I stood up again and again I fell, but after several falls I learnt to walk, I learnt to talk; and boy I laughed! I was told I was ready to learn, I was, I was told I was ready to work, I was, I was told I was ready to love, I was, and then I forgot to fall; I was asleep again, but this time I saw a dream, I fell, I stood up and then I fell again; It was the dream of a modern man, When i realized this, i found out what all did i miss; The fear, the laughter, the before, the after; I was too tangled to see what did and didn't matter; Now that I am awake, i hope to give it a second take I plan to reclaim, my sense of wonder and exclaim, And who knows,