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When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.

I read this ad flashing on my facebook page several days ago. This harmless jibe on one of the Navgraha made a deep impression on me. I remember the good old days of satyanarayan puja. The dexterity with which Punditji, a very interesting character, used to lay down the kaccha chaawal(uncooked rice), different types of dal , haldi , sindoor and other paraphernalia to prepare for the puja. The puja was usually conducted in my household on the special occasion of me successfully clearing the exams. Mom prayed for divine intervention, because she was always unsure whether I would make it to the next year or not. So, I was the center of attraction in these events and willfully participated in these cosmic endeavors. What I liked most about the puja was Punditji. Whenever I saw his wrinkled face, the chandan fragrance, flawless Hindi and humorous attitude - I wanted my teachers to be more like him. Unlike other pundits, even his elder brother (a more famous and successful pundi