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Few (random) thoughts on Social media- Using C.L.A.W principle

Note: C.L.A.W - stands for Crude Look at whole. It's a term coined by physicist Murray Gell-Mann.  Watch this video to learn more The current stage of social media tells us what, how, where, but fails to answer Why? It also fails (at least partly) to combine WWH to answer why? I believe that social media is the fabric necessary to make search sensible. It's the layer that underlies semantic web. Consider how search works. I want to search for the latest android phone available in Bangalore. I key in the words & I see a list of links that lead me to a page where I might find the information I am looking for. Else I go back to the results and open a new page. Basically the pages are ranked by relevance calculated by keywords and importance calculated by referrals. However when we put the social layer on top of search we might see results which are in this form: Two of my friends bought a new android phone from shop x in Bangalore and this is what their social stre