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The Afternoon

I spent this Sunday exploring Bangalore with H. Even after staying here for more than 2 years, I haven't explored any of the major attractions of the techno capital. Neither have I seen cubbon park situated a humble kms distance from my office, nor bannergatta national park, amongst the malls only forum and oasis hold a little charm for me. Oasis for its walking distance from my house and forum for being within my modest driving radius It's not that I am an anti mall person or a bore, I am actually faraway from it, but only the dark places in this die-pre-midnight city ever held any charm for me. So I know about the underground but I am lately realizing that the world ive been living in, a world of music, passions, kind strangers, panipuri wallahs who narrate their folk tales over a badi goldflake , late night omlette stalls, high heeled babes drooling over their less than alive boyish friends, waiting impatiently for the egg–dosa, after the humpy thumpy aura of gatore