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We are not like Ants.. that’s sad

While waiting for a friend who was running late, I started doing something I haven’t done in a very long time. Not since childhood, when we all enjoy leisure & patience. Tired of waiting in the living room I decided to soak up the sun in my balcony. As I sat down on the arm chair, my feet resting by the balcony railing, I noticed a file of ants marching on the wall. They were careful enough to avoid me, though at the time my intention was just to observe. I started following the file. It originated from the area next to the kitchen sink that had recently received a pesticide treatment. This could’ve been the reason for their relocation. The file went over the washing machine, then to the window, then to the side of the railing and disappeared below the apartment wall. With nothing better to do, I decided to disturb this carefully chosen route. I blocked the washing machine route with an old newspaper. They soon corrected their course & started going over my juvenile obstructio