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My all time Favorite TV Shows - Top 10

I remember watching X Files every Sunday evening on Star TV. I relish the goosebumps accompanying the opening theme of Star Trek - TNG. I took comfort in the hope that the followup will be just as good, after-all CGI was evolving. Voyager & Enterprise both disappointed me and I realized that CGI, no matter how advanced, will never substitute a good story. *  I always thought that my teenage fascination with a few of these will mellow down & finally disappear with time - I am glad that I was wrong. I have included only those shows that I revisit occasionally, there are several new shows that are remarkably original, still working on this list. For each series, I’ve also included the aspect - a lesson, an emotion or a memory -  that inspires me re-watch . 10. Lost  - Leadership & yes they f$%^ up the end 9. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest  - adventure, action, geekdom 8. Planet Earth - our home, our place in our home, our irrelevance & if