My all time Favorite TV Shows - Top 10

I remember watching X Files every Sunday evening on Star TV. I relish the goosebumps accompanying the opening theme of Star Trek - TNG. I took comfort in the hope that the followup will be just as good, after-all CGI was evolving. Voyager & Enterprise both disappointed me and I realized that CGI, no matter how advanced, will never substitute a good story. * 

I always thought that my teenage fascination with a few of these will mellow down & finally disappear with time - I am glad that I was wrong.

I have included only those shows that I revisit occasionally, there are several new shows that are remarkably original, still working on this list. For each series, I’ve also included the aspect - a lesson, an emotion or a memory -  that inspires me re-watch.

10. Lost  - Leadership & yes they f$%^ up the end

9. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest  - adventure, action, geekdom

8. Planet Earth - our home, our place in our home, our irrelevance & if you think a bit deeper - our effect

7.  Seinfeld - Best comedy till date, most contemporary series' - HIMYM, BBT seem loosely based on Friends which I've never liked.

6. Stephen Hawking’s Universe - Our place in the grand scheme of things i.e. we are microbes on an anthill - peaceful perseverance & insatiable curiosity of some of the greatest minds of our times

5. Dexter - Problem solving

4. The Wonder Years - Nostalgia

3. The X Files - Creativity, Nostalgia, the 90s spirit

2. Life - Diversity, beauty, how easy it is for us to survive - rest of the species don't have food malls

1. Star Trek:The Next Generation -  Its interesting that there is hardly any mention of money or religion in the entire series even though culture, friendship and love are recurrent themes. Does Roddenberry’s vision imply that as our society advances scientifically & emotionally we reclaim our atavistic (explorer) nature? I hope the answer is Yes.

*If you disagree, watch Avatar, MIB 3 or GI Joe retaliation.


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