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I received an email a few weeks back illustrating the wonders of 90s.All things we did down the memory lane. Ramayan, He man, complain; reminiscences of the good old days. It was a very nostalgic mail & got me into thinking, what defines my childhood? How can a simple collection of memories create such an impact on my mind? Taking it forward, what truly defines the 90s for me, the time when I was growing up, it’s not that I have stopped growing up but that was the time when I was growing older AND growing up. Most of us stop growing up after a certain age and continue growing older. So I thought let’s jot down my greatest hits of 90s.Greatest hits as in memories which have forever been embedded in my heart.  So here is a list of my greatest hits: 1. Sundays- Marked obviously by programs like Mowgli, Indradhanush and Stone Boy 2. Returning home early after exams 3. Mom's constant nagging for studies 4. Examples of good kids Vs. Not So good kids 5. My school till 10th the

First & Last Names

One of my friends just changed his last name on orkut to “I hate girls” and i was completely zonked. I mean what in the world is he thinking about? As far back as I can remember, this guy was a “ really sentimental fall for all girls that talk to you & do nothing about it sort of a guy” . But what exactly happened? SO I read and re-read the last name and every time I read it I found an entirely new explanation for it!! The first and the most obvious explanation: Poor dude, became the fox who proclaimed grapes are sour… Got dumped by self imagined love of life and now is totally lost. Awe Shucks!! After reading it a couple times more I thought don’t be so cold man .Being a guy you are totally disregarding the fact how guys think!!! It had to happen to somebody. I must confess anywhere you go and find guys in the age group of 20-30 they are breaking their heads over the same issue; from casual bar talks to serious drunk discussions if it’s a guy party one of the topics surely is,