First & Last Names

One of my friends just changed his last name on orkut to “I hate girls” and i was completely zonked. I mean what in the world is he thinking about? As far back as I can remember, this guy was a “ really sentimental fall for all girls that talk to you & do nothing about it sort of a guy” . But what exactly happened? SO I read and re-read the last name and every time I read it I found an entirely new explanation for it!! The first and the most obvious explanation: Poor dude, became the fox who proclaimed grapes are sour… Got dumped by self imagined love of life and now is totally lost. Awe Shucks!!

After reading it a couple times more I thought don’t be so cold man .Being a guy you are totally disregarding the fact how guys think!!! It had to happen to somebody. I must confess anywhere you go and find guys in the age group of 20-30 they are breaking their heads over the same issue; from casual bar talks to serious drunk discussions if it’s a guy party one of the topics surely is,” waddya think she feels about me man?? I so wanna ___________________ . That’s it I can’t be more specific. Essentially the point I was trying to make was sometimes we tend to think a lot from the fairer sex’s point of view plainly ignoring some other very important but easily overlooked factors, something I was to realize when I read the I hate girls tagline Again.

So what else could be the reason for that?
Number 2 : HE wants attention.

Number 3: He is whining coz he can’t take being lonely anymore. Honestly who can?? So not his fault at all Poor guy is tensed and probably doesn’t get involved in too many “drunken discussions.

Number 4: Maybe he is suffering from the after effects of “gave my heart got dumped” syndrome. Which again might not be the poor guy’s fault! For girls or for that matter all of us tend to behave differently in different phases of our life. So school crushes are different from college hook ups to final year break ups to Back again first day in office crushes & so on…. 

There are loads of factors which decide who we are and what defines us? Most important ingredients of our personality don’t get decided so sooner in life. In fact, I believe they are not decided till 40s . Don’t know many people in 40s but I can be sure of 20s. Biology dominates 20s, economics dominates 30s politics dominates 40s and after that it’s SPRITUALITY & HISTORY.

Barring further deviation from the topic (Which I ain’t sure about anyway!) Why is this guy acting in this way?
I think its pure biology, man!!! So let’s not worry about last names and first names on a social networking website rather think about some other serious stuff.
Any suggestions…


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