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A friend:  Dhoni got married  Me:  Big deal !!  A friend:  You really hate sports that much? Me:  Cmmon Man' I don't HATE sports , I just don't get a kick out of it. A friend:  How is that even possible? How can anyone not get excited during an India-Pakistan cricket finals? How can anyone not get excited during Soccer world cup finals? I don't see it. All the people I know feel the same way. I think you pretend. I think you actually get as excited as us, but you wear this mask to look different from the rest of us. Me:  Whoa! That's serious allegation man. Let me ask you this, do you get excited/agitated/emotional when you look at a clear night sky?   A friend:  You're kidding me! Who would?  Me:  I do    A friend:  Bullshit! Why?    Me:  Well, it's hard to explain. But, I get this feeling of insignificance, that overwhelms me. What I mean is that, when I look at the sky and see all those stars, I feel this uneasin