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Kart to Cart

Read an interesting article today on how ecommerce retailers are opening physical stores to augment online sales. I think it’s a brilliant idea though I have a different approach for tackling it, especially in India. An online retailer, say Flipkart, should open one store in each of their major markets. These stores – called Flipkart Bestsellers – feature only items with purchases of over 10,000 in last 6 months for each category - electronics, clothing, home, baby products etc. This approach has several advantages: The Right fit  - It makes it easier for customers to find the right product fit especially for clothing. If a new design of shirt is a best seller but I am between standard sizes its more convenient for me to go for a trial rather than ordering 2 sizes and going through the return loop. A Custom experience  – Like the best selling shirt but wish it had blue stripes instead of red? Ask the store to create this. Promotions around "just customized&quo