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IMDB and the other side of Collective Knowledge System

I've always used IMDB as a beacon for exploring movies across all genres. It works pretty well, not always though, but until recently, I did not know that the collective knowledge system (CKS), the likes of Wikipedia, Google's projects , Yahoo answers etc. could be a real bitch. Much has already been said about the evils of CKS, the copyright infringement, the lack of solid evidence to back up the facts, the impact of these tools on public judgment. I am totally against all these allegations; the bottom-line is that they are disseminating information, mostly right, to a large audience at no cost. Only in the 21 st century is collaboration at such scale, possible. I was reading this post on collective knowledge system that reinstated my belief on the system But... While chatting with a friend today, both of us being avid movie fanatics, we discussed NSFC bollywood works of art. The ones by eminent artists like Mithun da, Raj Kumar, Dharamji. Despite me expressin

Avatar vs. Rupa ka Badla

Avatar was publicized to be the Movie of the decade. I watched its trailers both the making and film trailer at least thrice a week. Perfect advertising. I know several of my friends to be in this state of trance: mesmerized by Cameron's vision, overwhelmed by his 15 year persistence, overpowered by his imagination. I was under influence too. As 18 th December drew close, my breath rose. There were so many whom I had personally influenced. You have to watch this movie man! Its gonna be awesome! Here I'll share the link with you. Watch the trailer first and then see the making video. Look, how much effort and vision goes into making a Hollywood flick like this. Compare it with apna desi samaan. To make 3 idiots these guys took 4 years. Avatar created a new world during that time. A new language, A new species, A new culture , A new technology (3D motion Capture), A new business. So came the fateful day of 19 th December when I decided to enter Pandora. 3 hours later