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The Guitar Issue

God Damn it! The Invisible hand has fucked me again! Jeff Merrion I started learning guitar on 15 th October 2008. I didn't search as much as real enthusiasts do and joined the class very near to my house. 2 minutes walk easy breezy. I did this because the teacher was good and I saw kids playing awesome music! It was a little embarrassing at first, when your colleagues are a quarter your age and more evolved than you but I liked it that way. Mostly because I had the opportunity to learn from the very basics and the brochure said "Don't learn to play instruments. Learn music". I asked myself several questions before joining in. Why do I want to learn guitar? Is it to impress people and sharpen the ego? The answer was NO. Is it to bring a change in lifestyle, do something you've never done before? Probably YES. But the real reason was I like music. I had written some songs/poems which were desperately seeking chords as life partners. I always believed that peo