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In Philip pullman’s Golden compass every human being is accompanied by a daemon . Daemon is a manifestation of a person's soul & it is impossible to separate it from the person. However Lyra’s mother, Mrs. Coulter manages to invent a process by which the separation can be accomplished. But as soon as the process is completed the Daemon dies/ evaporates with an agonizing poof & the person/child looses his personality becoming an emotion deprived zombie.  I was reading this article in business week comparing Siri & Android’s ice cream sandwich. Not only am i blown away by the intelligence in both systems - Siri being the better option (i am sure android will catch up soon) but am fascinated by how far we have come since the days of Dragon naturally speaking & more recent windows speech recognition. I have been a text to speech(& v.v.) enthusiast for a long time. What drove me away from these products was the back breaking effort involved in