What If ?

What IF???
What if, the universe is much older than we thought?

What If, Big Bang is not a single event which marks the beginning of space-time but a cyclic episode that repeats itself every 14-15 billion years or so? The actual age of universe might be trillion years or so, who knows, even more;

What if, the value of constants changes over time, maybe the value of the cosmological constant decreases over time? The variation might be so insignificant that no one notices it;

What if, Instead of having many universes we only have one .Which might not be exactly true because there have been many before the current one and there are going to be many after this one;

What if, there is not a single beginning of time but many beginnings, not a single moment of creation but an unending ever-present cycle. We are but a consequence of fine tuning that accidentally happened in the present version. But who knows?

Maybe many lives and civilizations have already vanished with the end of their universes and the same will happen to us;

Maybe we might evolve into something beyond comprehension ; maybe when all the matter gets exhausted & nothing remains but pure energy , Energy in a state of inactivity ,a state of dormancy, a state of silence , encompassing the whole fabric of space time , carrying within it remnants of millions of civilizations , now long gone;

What if, that state is supreme consciousness? Supreme bliss, Paramananda.
What then, asks the rational mind?

What then, I say. Don’t you know “We Dance around a ring and suppose. But the secret sits in the middle and knows.”


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