Objective: To reduce organizing time and focus on action oriented thinking & getting things done rather than procrastinating. As Elvis so succinctly described
A little less conversation, a little more action



  • Evernote: note taking, creating surfers journal, task management, writing- mostly on tab
  • Dropbox: file sharing
  • Soluto: system maintenance (hassle free good looking minimalist)


Gadgets (in order of importance):

  • Phone: calling, texting, task reminders; I prefer qwerty
  • Tablet: reading, writing, surfing & most importantly taking notes
  • Notebook: work, serves as a base camp for everything
  • iPod: music, voice notes, fitness, pod-casts, audio books, iTunes university



I prefer android because:

  • I don't have to pay for basic apps 
  • I get the power of Google's cloud ecosystem
  • Search is everywhere



IF you are not an avid writer or writing is not your thinking bridge, tab won't be much useful to you. A powerful phone (Andorid, Iphone, windows phone 7) plus a notebook will be your ideal combination. Keep in mind it isn't the gadgets, softwares or platforms that matter, what matters is to know how to use them to achieve the above objective. If you are hassled by the number of devices you have and the time you spend managing them, buy a basic 1500 ` Nokia phone and shut down everything else for 2 weeks. The task management objective can be easily achieved by any normal text phone. Same valid for facebook & twitter – you don't even need a GPRS phone to use them- SMS only versions are available by default.

Let me know if you'd like me to run you through a use case.

Till then CIAO.



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