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Meet Google's human search engine for innovation and

There are several levels when we see companies:

  1. As partners – can they build applications on our platform & make the platform more valuable.
  2. Business development or licensing type of deal
  3. Acquisition
  4. Ventures – Find companies to invest in

The sweet spot is mobile, location based services, social & e-commerce.

"IBM, Digital, Sun, Apollo and Microsoft had their time. Now cloud based systems like Google, Facebook & others will have their time. It's a natural progression of business. Microsoft had a hell of run for 30 years. They're still a very powerful company. Very profitable, growing very well. So I wouldn't say they're going to go down; I would say the market has moved."

I think Kinect is a game changer and probably the most important hardware innovation of the decade.

"Tablets are for consumption not for creation." Agree but not entirely true in case of

Even though I have a variety of devices- as much as any gadget lover- 2 cell phones, notebook, galaxy tab, ipod. I would love to just have a very powerful phone- not more than the size of my wallet. The phone should function as any of the above devices via accessories/add-ons. Plug & play. It should give me a choice on what data I must keep on the cloud & what I would want to store personally. I would not want to share 80% of any personally identifiable information; even if that means shifting to a facebook, Google or Microsoft alternative; especially if I have no option of retrieving and deleting it permanently.

I also liked the concept of three companies mentioned here:

Nimble – Social Relationship Management or CRM 2.0

Swivel- Virtual Mirror where shoppers view themselves in clothes before buying them

And finally my favorite:

NeuAer- platform for connecting all kinds of devices, phones, cars & appliances & letting you know when they are in proximity with you. Very interesting concept especially to find that missing key or Bluetooth headset. Two things I keep forgetting despite using Harry Lorayne's excellent memory system. I am downloading it RIGHT NOW!

* pardon the message on Mr. Lorayne's website. "oh no you don't have the latest version of flash player." I am trying hard to forget flash. It's disturbing.

Acquisition determinants:

  1. Acquiring talent
  2. Acquiring technology
  3. Acquiring customers

& the most important

Acquiring TEAM





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