Few thoughts on "The Brainstorming Myth"

Read a brilliant article  GROUPTHINK - The brainstorming myth by Jonah Lehrer 

Here's what I learnt:

  • If you need people to be innovative and solve big problems they need to be close to each other. Limit work from homes.
  • They need to be critical of each others work. Old understanding of brainstorming where quantity of ideas is more important than quality is incorrect. It's also wrong to politely receive all ideas without debate. When people debate their ideas, they undergo natural selection and only the best ones make through the discussion room. 
  • Contrary to the popular belief creativity isn't driven by office spaces that have an (artificially) stimulating environment, all it needs is for people from varied disciplines to cross each other's paths. This encourages "knowledge spillovers"
  • And most important - Innovation is unpredictable. Serendipity is liberating. 


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