One-day Life asked me "Who are you?" 

I answered I am the relative, the sum of all parts, the remainder of a failed division, an echo of a desire unfulfilled, an unanswered prayer;

And one day Life asked me," Where do you come from?" I laughed at the absurdity of the question, a silent mockery of humanity, a sarcasm on the infinity of existence, what a choice of words!

And one day Life asked "What do you do"? I said," I exist. I assemble the parts to make a puzzle, I choose the moment & forget eternity, I choose the body & forget the invisible."

And one day Life asked me, "Where are you going'?

I said everywhere; breathing fire, a tireless explorer, expecting these lines to show me the way, its dark everywhere, but I ain't afraid. And one day Life asked me "Do you know me"?

I was reminded of countless travelers who tread this path, I recounted their stories, I felt their agonies, I pondered their choices, slept in their cold beds, & told life I know you not.

And one day life asked me," Have you met my brother?"

I said I met him thrice & know he is just, he breaks the dream & judges not, I told life that her brother is white, shatters the illusion, cleanses the mind, Mirrors the absolute & lightens the way, turns the darkest nights into brightest of days.

And Life Replied; "Now you know. It's the wisdom you seek."


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