Bodies fly in air,
Limbs scattered on the road,
Splintered families, saturated in blood;

Shower of hatred, pioty drenched in gutter,
Apostles of faith are locked behind shutters;

Children dread, playing all alone,
Freedom lies buried, concealed under stones;

Gardens lie vacant ,play fields are empty,
Government lies lepered, vice in plenty;

Wealth in profusion but where is the peace,
Buildings are whopping, no shade under trees;

Marching to promised land, the sea ain't split yet.
Cemeteries are busiest, for all others are dead;

Promise of immortality, plague innocent minds
revealing the rainbow to all colorblind;

Beating the drums, for a deaf crowd,
walking on water but sinking in doubt;

A song of the mute,
A picture for blind,
Living like robots,
NO dreams NO mind;

Streets dual asylums, conscience dies everyday
& All you can do is pray pray pray;

The fields of hope are parched in draught, is this the world for which they fought?

The howls of pain, fangs of lies
Loss of GOD or Loss of lives



Unknown said…
hey buddy...
that was more on the lines of a ballard... and it was totally original... lovely...

reflected the present mood and state of minds of the common people ... just like u and me...

keep the writing ... and postings... you sure are getting better by the day

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