What gets us into trouble is not what we do not know; it is what we know for sure that just ain’t so. - Mark Twain

Bombings in major cities in India , war in Iraq and Afghanistan , terrorist attacks in most of the places in world once considered peaceful , starvation some places and obesity in others what is the world going through. What has happened to the society? What has happened to the peace? Where are the good old days? This is what most reasonable people who think about the world, think. However, peace has remained a dream since time immemorial. Wars have always been fought, innocence has always suffered, and our choice of leadership has always been flawed. We've always experienced this same dilemma since ages, but it's more colorful this time. Just think about it, God had to come so many times to give us the message. You might say that we were not prepared the first time, what about getting the message right the fourth , fifth , sixth time. How about straightening us out the first time itself?

I think it would have required God like strength and will. I am talking about God in a generalized sense , the Father figure who keeps a check on his folks and comes around time to time to show them the right path. This God is essentially the same in all religions all over the world, the names might be different, but essentially all religions have borrowed names, anecdotes, ideologies from the prevalent religion at one point of time or other. So we have Christian stories and Jewish stories borrowed from Egyptian, Roman & Mesopotamian counterparts, we have folk tales given the name of “work of god” and a very big DONT list in most of the religions.

I think that as the society was evolving something else was also evolving inside our heads. The awe and wonder we felt initially while living in jungles without society needed an explanation. Mankind’s greatest quest has been a reason for everything; this pursuit of reason brings happiness to him. The early man must have allotted the space to supernatural( an ugly word to the core, whatever happens, happens within nature whether we believe it or not). From this eternal quest for answers the society evolved. People found out that by living together they could easily face their worst fears. This structure of society was essential for the survival of man.

 We wouldn’t be around if man would have been like a wild animal as most rock fans believed. Though wild to the core we tend to have a better tolerance at least in small groups than our wilder counterparts. As society evolved there were many forces that were shaping the structure of religions; remnants of some of them still visible in most major religions today. Man tends to think in lines created by the best thinkers of his time. The smartest people decide the flow of thought, the others contribute and we have code book for the generation. The big brains maybe called rebels, they may be killed for that, but they start a wave of ideas which eventually wipes out the old customs and prepares the land for the things to come. The idea of a creator might have evolved from our inability to understand the complexity of nature & coincidences of daily life. It might be that a friend has cheated you or you consider yourself a good person in relative terms and are suddenly diagnosed with a life threatening disease or someone close to you leaves you for no apparent reason.

We (now this might be a side effect of the amount of grey matter we have) are not contended with just things happening. We have to know and justify our every action. Hardly do we realize that this thought process though very essential for survival, curiosity about the world is a prerequisite for survival, has another side to it. We tend to assign irrelevant and unnecessary labels and explanations to things we don’t understand or aren’t smart enough to. Though God may exist and would have created the universe but creating myths around him certainly must annoy him. Poor guy he would have thought, “Gosh, I created them, have looked after them for such a long time, have given them intelligence, the advantage of evolution, came to them and explained them so many times, but man, they are stupid. Instead of getting the message they keep on discovering innovative ways to bury the message and create useless rituals around it. The biggest blunder is that they believe this fallacy and think that it is the true word, without ever realizing that it’s an assault on reason and anything that is an assault on reason, anything that justifies the killing of fellow humans, anything that advocates lies that have long time repercussions on your planet, on society, on your neighbor are LIES. The truth is so simple, LIVE, LET LIVE & DISCOVER .But I think I made a big wiring mistake, maybe I miscalculated their smartness, maybe I was wrong, how can they not see such a simple thing and keep on beating around the bush for centuries. If this remains the case I’ll have to come every decade. I am so tired. “
Religion is the most unnecessary moral code out there. And it’s the worst code of all. Believe in God if you have to because science though working towards, still has to answer Why are we here? What are we here for? And why did big-bang happen? So there is still a lot of space for God in our hearts and also in our minds, but what sort of insanity is this religion. All the religions in the world have lost their usefulness, except to priests, mullahs, and pundits who depend on religion for their livelihood. Religion is a pre 21 century invention, it’s an old & irrelevant idea. An idea that has been deep rooted in our conscience. The problem with ideas is they are very hostile. You can’t burn them, kill them, ideas don’t’ bleed, they don’t feel pain, they don’t love, they don’t hate the only way to get rid of them is to come up with a better idea. Only an idea can kill an idea.

 The time in humanity is just right for us to create a substitute for religion because if things continue this way, fighting over religions, killing in their name, fight for recognition that my God is the best your God is a waste, my God can float on water your God sinks, I don’t need symbols for God …… the story will continue. Lives will be lost , and we will forever be remembered as part of an age which seriously lost its way; just when they were so close to finding a new world , a new code of conduct, a new freedom , unbounded by stupid rules to save our souls which we hadn’t lost in first place. To pay for sins which we didn’t commit and who pays for sins, really? The religious structure of the all the macho religions is so damn corrupt , responsible for the loss and mass delusion of billions and they are the people enjoying the best pleasures of life , so who pays for sins and who defines the sin; everything which is a synonym of SIN is an illusion of an untrained mind. A mind that hasn’t been sharpened by science & logic, a mind under the delusion that there is a reason beyond understanding for everything even the smallest and most insignificant things , that everything is a miracle, a mind which believes that all beautiful things have been created for a reason, a mind which believes that we are the reason that the world has been made, a mind which believes that God is answerable only to us and not to the billions of species which go on silently surviving and still are not responsible for destruction of the planet or guilty of making it as hot as hell. 

Why are we the only ones making so much noise? When someone says live and let live people don’t grasp the idea. Instead, they create myths around it, thus creating more trouble than before.
The only quest and I call it the “final quest” should be for all the religious people to show a little tolerance to each other and delete all those paragraphs from their sacred books which tell them to condemn all those who are not living by their rules and for once start a study of other religions not just to find errors in them, but to find similarities. The core truths which have been clouded by mythical overlay. I am sure if only 100 people coming from different ideologies summon the courage to do this and bring it in front of the world, explain as best as they can, together, we can surely come up with a better way to describe things and ruin the most evil corporation and money laundering scheme that has been running for generations. The machine called RELIGION.  

I am sure they will find a truth that is same as what their individual books say, delete the entire unnecessary miracle phenomenon and work hand in hand with science, each time updating their books when science comes with an alternate explanation of their perceived reality. Only then is a revolution possible. Because until it does our planet has sealed its fate in apocalypse, that several religions are patiently waiting for. Please let the creator feel at least a little happy and give him a chance to smile that he didn’t’ make a mistake after all. Let him relax, forget about the prayers, solve your problems yourself, don’t blame your victories and falls on him, he doesn’t need that. All that the prayers do is make you relax ,make you aware of a father figure watching over you , guiding you towards the supposed path of righteousness, but in the end you make your own way, because you have no other option. Try meditation instead, works better and isn’t a delusion. Let science do its work, if you are religious you do yours in a way complementing the combined ideology, let the atheists do theirs, stop criticizing, stop polluting your minds with hatred and your planet with waste. Take responsibility of making yourself a better person than you were yesterday. Step by step, day by day, hour by hour, things are going to be brighter, happier. And that will be a true miracle, a miracle for the creator itself, a miracle proving that yes we are indeed the most evolved species and this will possibly be the one and only miracle since the dawn of humanity. The coming of a new age, an age not crippled by old overcoats which aren’t needed in summer but clad in the beautiful gown of wisdom , standing tall , reaching farther , thinking & acting big, responsible and answerable only to themselves. Only then will freedom cease to be an idea in a book but become both a verb and adjective. 

 A state of mind, a feeling embedded deep inside the soul resonating in our every cell.The candle of hope lights low,But the light has not yet faded.Our wills and strengths are low, but not yet jaded.If to fall again after we rise is destiny,We now beat the drums of mutiny;WE pave the path,WE create the creator, WE destroy the destroyer And proclaim“LET THERE BE LIGHT",Destiny follows.


Sanjeev said…
It is good. Slightly on the darker side but then what to do...That is how life is.
There was a time when we could say white and black things but today's world is a darker shade of grey. It is the hope of making this a bit lighter is what keeps everyone going. It is this HOPE that makes us to chose new governments/ new leaders/ New HEROES. But only once we have made a choice do we realise that once again we were wrong. I think it is important that we make a choice because only then we can realise if it was wrong or not.

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